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Sustainability is the Standard.

This isn’t your average homebuilder. SEAN is building to a higher standard, crafting communities that unite and inspire, providing innovative living solutions for today modern buyer.

Over the past decade, SEAN has added innovation and passion to the Barrie landscape, with a portfolio of over 1,000 homes, completed and in development. With a deep real estate background, expert-helmed team and award-winning recognition, SEAN has designed and built communities all across Ontario, reworking the blueprint from status quo to sustainably sound. Smart home standards, including Net Zero Ready, geothermal heating and air conditoning, and optional solar panel system, give you complete control of your home and finances.

Beyond home finishes, urban planning ensures you live well beyond your square feet, with communities designed to bring neighbours together and foster social settings. Sustainable, integral, yours.   


Now more than ever is where we call home a reflection of how we impact our environment. Since day one, SEAN has partnered with experts in the field to build and develop homes to a higher standard. Every SEAN home is constructed to be high-performance and built to a higher standard, as well as greater community initiatives, including Low Impact Development and modern xeriscaping to improve your lifestyle and our greater communities.

Sustainable features, including solar panel systems, water efficiency strategies, better insulation, and advanced window systems, allow you to have total control of your home and enhance your wellbeing.

New Urbanism, Now Standard.

Forward thinking design is an integral part of every SEAN community, fostering connection, liveability and accessibility. Every community is crafted to bring neighbours together, with lawns that connect and allow for unobstructed play and socializing. Walkable blocks and streets provide stimulation and scenic settings, with community locations that place you in close proximity to what matters.

This is the new blueprint.

Net Zero Ready. Are you?

Every SEAN New Urban Townhome is built to be Net Zero Ready: enhancing the quality and integrity of your new home while saving you money.

With a SEAN Net Zero Ready and New Urban Townhome, every part of your new house will work together, providing consistent temperatures, preventing drafts and with better indoor air to reduce dust and allergens. The result? A more comfortable living environment. Beyond the impact to your overall health and comfort, a Net Zero Ready Townhome helps you do your part to protect against climate change by preserving natural resources for future generations. It’s the future of green living, and SEAN is at the forefront.

EnergyStar EnergyStar High Efficiency badge Certified.

All New Urban Townhomes are built EnergyStar Certified as a standard, with 3rd party and government certifications providing you with a more comfortable and optimized environment that saves you money. Energy-saving appliances and features help you do your part to protect against climate change by using fewer natural resources for future generations. 

Eco Features.

Green living isn't a buzzword. It's a reason for building. Each of the features are founding blocks to the way SEAN develops and constructs every community with your health and well-being at the forefront.

New Urban Towns & MODERN condos.

Forward thinking in design and viability, a SEAN home is built for the modern dweller, with wide open designs that create flexible living spaces on every level. Stacked with features and finishes that promote healthy living and sustainability, our New Urban Towns and Modern Condos prove you can have your contemporary layout and eco-conscious design, too.