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With a deep real estate background, expert-helmed team and award-winning recognition, SEAN has designed and built communities all across Ontario, reworking the blueprint from status quo to sustainably sound.

Since 2013, SEAN has added innovation and passion to the Barrie landscape, with a portfolio of over 1,000 homes, completed and in development. This isn’t your average homebuilder. SEAN is building to a higher standard, crafting communities that unite and inspire, providing innovative living solutions for today modern buyer. 

Values to the core.

· Niche pocket neighbourhoods. That means affordable, value-oriented, family friendly communities, all connected by shared amenities that encourage connection. With SEAN, our highly programmed parks forge friendships and increase social interaction, reclaiming space for communal use and creating a distinct living experience.

· Safety, savings, comfort & control. From solid building, science-based construction practices to innovative layouts with sophisticated features, our homes allow you to have optimal control of your environment and wallet. Enjoy peace of mind and added protection when you call SEAN, home. Savings here.

· Design driven development. From fulfilling the missing middle with mid-rise condo-communities and New Urban Towns, to design-forward, modern Georgian and farmhouse facades, we’re changing the blueprint by elevating your everyday environment. 

Built for a greater return.

Fueled by a passion for global design and driven by a commitment to construct homes that improve your lifestyle and our greater community, SEAN builds to meet the wants and needs of today’s buyer. Future proofed for tomorrow’s landscape.

Our New Urban Towns are designed to be modern inspirations of traditional architectural styles, elevating and inspiring your everyday. From materiality to livability, our mass timber 6-storey buildings showcase interiors with exposed wood beams and columns, while exposing you to a better way of living. From more sustainable appliances to stairs that demand you to rise to the occasion, see the difference in design-led development. 

Awards With Real Merit.

As a leader in green building practices, SEAN builds homes that put your health and well-being at the forefront of every plan, positively impacting not only the environment but also your monthly bills, with better performing insulation, windows, and appliances. Features that comes standard with every community.

Committed to your investment.

Our land holding acquisitions have been financed 100% by owners' equity and we have healthy banking relationships with institutions with a strong creditworthiness, and satisfactory lines of credit for ongoing servicing and bonding obligations.

Through a commitment to our leading-edge development style, advanced construction, and building science practices, we have a proven record of developing strong relationships with Approval Authorities, from city councils, to city staff and bureaucrats and Conservation Authorities.

For more information on SEAN. and upcoming investment opportunities, Please contact (416)-881-7949.